Kitten Stuff Done

Do you have “too much” to do?

You could be getting more done if you got off your phone and — did stuff. Want a way to track your stuff to do? Kitten Stuff Done is a fun, easy way to plan your day and it works with any existing to-do app or calendar or project management software you happen to use.

The Key To Happiness

55 Cards to plan your day and stay on track. Use KSD cards to plan, and DO STUFF!
Morning rituals, meals, commuting are all included in the basic pack. Booster packs add specific roles like student or tasks like self-care.


Search through the 55 cards that show the various stuff you have to do. Don’t worry, goofing off is supported.


Throughout the day, use cards and timers to keep plugging away at tasks. You can choose at random if you’re stuck!


Build your deck! All the things you have to do at work should make up 8 hours, right? As you do stuff, you’ll discard those cards (in a pocket, wherever).


KSD works with your company’s project management system, your crappy email system, or your family to-do tools.


Are you tired of staring at your screen and not getting everything you need to get done done in a day? Well, meow meow kitty meow because these Kitten Stuff Done cards are here to help!