What is it?

We all have too much to do in a day. And there are no less than one gazillion productivity tools to help you do everything on your list. And it’s not just YOUR list, is it? It’s the list from work. The list from school. The list from life! And then there’s laundry or dishes or just buying toilet paper and putting it on the dang roll.

You know who doesn’t worry about stuff? Kittens. And yet, look at them go. Little productive members of feline society, such as it is. Kittens get the same 24 hours you do, I do and every king, emperor and president has ever gotten since the dawn of time.

The trick to getting stuff done is managing those 24 hours.

The cards in Kitten Stuff Done are designed to help you make yourself accountable, in a tangible and fun way — and to DO all the things you have to do each day. It’s flexible enough to use it with other productivity systems, like Reminders on your iPhone, or a web-based, collaborative online project management system. Really! Think of it as a meta-tool.

“Playfully Productive”

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How It Works

Build your deck using the cards included. There’s a good sampling of the “stuff” most people who work in offices have to do: Meetings, planning, projects, checking email, and so on (full list below). Each card is a 30-minute increment, so you build a daily deck of 16 cards for your 8-hour day, then another 16 for when you get home, and we’ve thrown in an 8-hour “sleep” card because we’re optimistic you can get fully rested.

As you go through your day, you’ll “play” each card, and set a timer for each item. As you work through the cards, you’ll see the discard pile add up, meaning you’ve been very productive! If you don’t get to something or want to put it off, just toss it in the discard pile or move it to tomorrow’s deck.

Before you go to bed, check what you did that day by looking at your discarded cards on one side of the wallet (or whatever system you have for keeping track — it could be your back pocket, we’re flexible!).

Now, before you go to sleep, build your next day with the cards in the deck and whatever you pushed off to tomorrow. Your day can’t total more than 24 hours! But it CAN total less, especially if you’re on vacation…

When you wake up, as you do stuff, just move the card that matches what you’re doing to the discard side and voila! You’re keeping track! You’re getting stuff done!

Now, the idea here is you can use KSD cards as you see fit. They could be something you go to when you’re like, “what do I do next?” Or, you could use them as you check things off a list, moving through your deck to account for all the big and small things you accomplished that day. There are cards that allow for flex time, or time spent chatting with co-workers, and so on. Plus, if you suffer from decision fatigue, just pull one randomly and let fate decide your next task!

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Giving Back

Part of our mission at Kitten Stuff Done is to help control animal populations, and find pet parents for strays. Each quarter we’ll choose an animal rescue group and give them a portion of our proceeds from the previous quarter.

Our first beneficiary will be the Rhea County Animal Shelter. They were kind enough to provide kittens for our “infomercial” (link below), and are dedicated to spay/neuter programs and adoption services. We thank them for their important work! You can learn more about the group on their Facebook page here.