I’m getting back on track in 2020 after a fairly disastrous 2019. But I have met some really stellar entrepreneurs who have built some amazing products. You might not hear about them on the news, but they are making things you’ll probably use some day, or interact with in some fashion via another company. Case in point: Pass It Down. I remember when it was a company focused on the archiving of memories. Unfortunately, Facebook and other social media appears to have won that battle. So the founder, Chris Cummings, pivoted. Now the company makes a fantastic product for anyone making kiosks or similar interactive displays.

Chris is somewhat of a serial entrepreneur, and has a cool office in Chattanooga, TN. I met him a few years back and was impressed with his vision and vigor. While I think he had a great product initially, there’s no question that he’s honed the product into something that fits a market. If you want to know how Chris built this, over several years, quietly and deliberately, check out this post on LinkedIn about the books he read to get there. What I like is that he included some great books on business, but also notes that you have to take care of yourself. And there are resources for that in the list, too.

I’ll have more to share about how I’m rebuilding things in a few days!