How the Pomodoro Technique changed my life

How the Pomodoro Technique changed my life

While I’ve never been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD, after years of weird sleep patterns, weird work life, and just weirdness in general have definitely made it hard for me to concentrate for an extended period of time. Studying was always a struggle in school. In...

What the heck is Kitten Stuff Done?

Kitten Stuff Done is the result of over a decade of working at home, keeping myself honest about how much stuff had to get done every day. Thousands of emails, hours of projects, meetings, planning projects, planning project meetings and meetings about project...

Coming soon: Productivity tips

In the next few weeks I’ll discuss some simple productivity tips that helped me — and I’m chronically distracted, love social media, and chat with about a dozen people a day across too many networks. And yet, I get a LOT done. How? Stay tuned!