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How A Single Dad Juggled Work, Art And Business By Using Kittens To Stay Productive

Knoxville, Tennessee, September 10, 2018 – From 4 a.m. to noon every weekday, Victor Agreda, Jr. is a local Morning Edition host at 91.9 FM WUOT. After that, he juggles freelance writing gigs about the blockchain, art projects and a growing game and media company. How? A unique system he’s developed over a decade of research called “Kitten Stuff Done.” It’s a physical deck of cards featuring many Tennessee artists, designed to help people stay productive and on-task throughout their day.

As a single father of two, Agreda is no stranger to being busy. Now that his kids are teenagers, they’re able to help a bit more. That’s how he and his two children managed to launch their first video game in August: Progress Bar Wars. That simple browser game, and Kitten Stuff Done, are the first two games to come out of Angry Dad Gamer’s studio. “We’ve got a bunch of games scheduled into the foreseeable future, including one using blockchain like the famous CryptoKitties, and a collaboration with Knoxville hip-hop artist Jarius Bush,” he said.

During this same time, Agreda was finalizing his first art show, which began September 2 at Ijams Nature Center. “Almost every morning for nearly two years I took a picture from our offices at the University of Tennessee of the sunrise. I framed up Neyland Stadium and the Tennessee River, and got some beautiful views,” he said. His artwork includes photographs, watercolors based on those sunrises, and some photos with quotes from Stoic philosophers like Seneca and Marcus Aurelius.

While he’s been developing Kitten Stuff Done for a decade, it was only in the past year that he went from prototype, hand-drawn cards to the crowdfunding campaign that launches September 9. As he explains, “all of the artwork was a collaboration between myself and over a dozen artists from around the world.” Kitten Stuff Done is a physical pack of cards to help people be more productive by creating a daily deck of things that need to get done. There are cards for chores, commuting, cooking, checking email, and more. Agreda says, “I worked at home for 9 years, and keeping myself accountable was key, as was moving projects along while keeping up with the news and email deluge. Kittens really helped me manage my time.”

Kitten Stuff Done launches on Kickstarter the week of September 10, and will feature prints from artists who contributed to the project and donation levels for cat rescue groups. The project will continue after the crowdfunding round, adding “booster” packs for specific jobs over time — a set of cards for self-care days, travel days and student life will be available at launch. The project will also donate a portion of its proceeds to a rotating list of cat rescue groups in East Tennessee in an ongoing effort to control the cat population and rescue cats in danger of being euthanized. “It’s my sincere hope that Kitten Stuff Done can help people manage their time better, reduce their stress, and save some cats in the process,” says Agreda.

In a city of “makers,” Victor Agreda, Jr. is known for being a maverick, opening Modern Studio as a flexible space for theatre and music, and hosting seminars on making everything from jeans to rice dishes. He was on the first Knoxville Mayor’s Maker Council, and helped advise with policy in the same year the city was designated a Maker City by the website etsy. His media production company Superpixel Studios was founded in 1999, Angry Dad Gamer began in 2014 after he was laid off by AOL and he co-founded Modern Studio in 2016. He is currently a broadcast journalist for WUOT 91.9FM, a part of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

His projects can found at: – @kittenstuffdone – @angrydadgamer – @superpixels

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